Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Bombay Chaat and Dosa is a Pure Vegetarian Fast Food South, West and North Indian Restaurant and reserves foods from Differ ent parts of India and authentic Bombay Street Foods of the food is sold by hawkers from mobile stalls in Bombay. It is one of the characteristics of the city. The city is icts Known for distinctive street foods. ALTHOUGH street food is common all over India, in Bombay street food is Noted Because people from all economic classes eat on the roadside Almost round the clock and it is felt Sometimes que la taste of street food is better than restaurants in the city. Many Bombayites like a small snack on the road in the evening. People of Mumbai cut across barriers of class, religion, gender and ethnicity are passionate about street food. We serve you Purely vegetarian food and give you the true flavors of Bombay Street Foods of purpose Located in Mississauga CANADA. HOWEVER, there are more than thesis That can treat the taste buds. 


plane Dosa
Masala Dosa
Mysore Dosa
Chilli Dosa 
Cheese Dosa 
Chattinad Dosa 
chocholate Dosa 
Pav Bhaji Dosa 
Idli Sambhar 


papadi Chaat 
Samosa Chaat 
Dahi Vada 
Dahi Batata Puri gold Dahi Aloo Puri 
Sev Puri 
Bhel Puri 
Pani Puri 
Ragada Pattice 
Utsal Pav 
Vada Pav 
Pav Bhaji 
Bombay Sandwitch 
Bombay Veg Burger 
Channa Batura 
Channa Paratha 
Kaju Curry Paratha 
Pooran Poli 
Ras Malai
gulab jamun 


Aloo Pakoda
Baigan Pakoda
Spinach Pakoda
Mix Veg Pakoda

Masala Chai 
Regular Chai 


Mango Kulfi
Pista Kulfi 
Malai Kulfi 
Falooda Kulfi 
Vanilla Bar 
Ice Bar 
orange Kulfi

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